Wealth management

It requires a great deal of boldness and a great deal of caution to make a great fortune, and when you have got it, it requires ten times as much wit to keep it.

- Ralph Waldo Emerson


For our HNI customers, we provide with innovative, tax-efficient wealth management solutions. Whether your wealth is self-created or has come from inheritance, our team of investment experts can provide you with investment strategy to guide you through the often complex personal issues that you face on wealth appreciation, risk management, retirement planning and estate planning

We offer the following suite of investment solutions across all the major asset classes:

1. Equity
- Mutual Funds, ETFs, Stocks, and Derivatives
- Portfolio Management Schemes through our associate partners

2. Fixed Income
- Bonds & Debentures (primary and secondary market), Mutual Funds and Corporate
Deposits - Fixed Deposits through our banking partners

3. Alternate Investments
- AIF Funds, Private Equity or Real Estate funds

4. Legacy Planning
- Assistance in creation of a Will or Trust for Succession or Estate Planning through our associate CA firm

5. Non Life Insurance
- Motor, Travel, Health, Home & commercial lines of business

6. Life Insurance
- Term, Endowment, ULIP and Money Back plans

7. Gold
- Mutual Funds, ETFs and Bonds

8. Taxation management
- Tax planning through our associate CA firm

Our investment experts use the following 4 stage evaluation process to ensure that the investment portfolio is designed in line with your risk profile and is able to meet your long-term strategic objectives:

1. Risk Profiling based on your current life stage

2. Tax-Efficient Asset Allocation plan across various asset classes of Equities, Fixed Income, Gold and Real Estate to ensure optimal returns on your portfolio

3. Customized investment plan based on the above asset allocation strategy. This is discussed with you and executed once you confirm the same

4. Your investment portfolio is continuously reviewed and monitored against the backdrop of market dynamics and product performances. As and when needed, appropriate modifications are made post the discussions with you.