Welcome to Credence Capital

CREDENCE CAPITAL ADVISORY PRIVATE LIMITED is a leading wealth management firm and SME advisory firm based out of India. We offer comprehensive services to individuals, businessmen, and employers. For our retail customers, we provide premier financial planning, investment advisory, wealth management, real estate management, succession planning, and equities and derivatives trading services.

For our SME clients, we provide wide range of advisory services to SMEs including fundraising, budgeting, loans, working capital management, forex, business registrations, statutory compliances and taxation management. Our team of experienced MBAs, Chartered Accountants and Financial Planners are very well-positioned to provide you best services always.

Credence in numbers



(Individuals & SMEs) – We are providing top notch advisory and wealth management services to individual and SME clients from across the globe

Team Members

Our team members specialize in various areas of financial advisory and wealth management and provide customized services to our clients

Years of cumulative experiences

Our team members have experiences across various market cycles

Crs Assets Under Management

Our retail customers continue to put their faith in us and we are very rapidly inching towards having an AuM of INR 100 Crs

Get maximum benefits from a reliable source

We specialize in risk profiling and help clients avoid emotional investments and configure a strategy for optimal asset allocation. We help in building a tax-efficient portfolio and learning tax management.